In some moment of life comes a time. The one that most people are afraid of. The one that make you feel alone in a crowd. You will be left helpless, hopeless and meaningless. The only thing you will have left to offer is yourself.

During those times you will see the true colour of people. The one’s you thought would be there for you will not be there anymore. You will get heart broken even more seeing them walk away when you needed them most.

But you will see a few, a very few souls who will be there for you and will love you for who you are. You will regret the amount of love and care wasted on the wrong people, at the same time you will glad that you found the ones worth keeping. When all this is over you will be reborn a better person. Now you know what and who will matter. And you will thank god for that day.

© Dasaradh Mohan