A second meet

We’ll meet again,

Maybe when our lives are a bit less hectic,

Maybe when we’ll be owning our dream professional identities,

Maybe on a Sunday morning while you’re out for a jog.

Overlooked at first, you’ll notice me sitting on a bench,

Reading a book, yeah by then,

It’d be a habit maybe.

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Taken Away by Time

Clearing away from our memories,

Each night trying hard not to remember the best memories I had with you,

Each day struggling to talk to you.

Each moment trying hard to keep that bond alive,

Each second trying to see the pain behind your eyes ,

Each night I still do this but you, my friend,

Are taken away so far from me that you hardly notice.

© Tanya Jain

I Wish I Could

I wish I could go back in my life by time travelling or by reversing the whole Earth’s time, date & year to set it to some custom dates listed in my memory. Not to relive that time or to reform or re-correct  an act or decision of mine. Not to even repent my mistakes.

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