A second meet

We’ll meet again,

Maybe when our lives are a bit less hectic,

Maybe when we’ll be owning our dream professional identities,

Maybe on a Sunday morning while you’re out for a jog.

Overlooked at first, you’ll notice me sitting on a bench,

Reading a book, yeah by then,

It’d be a habit maybe.

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Silently is how I drown in my tears.

Spilled out pain is what it is. Every drop of my tear trying to

put down the fire in my heart. The Rage would never become less.

No matter how many tears are shed. Our memories is what I see

when I close my eyes. A Classical film, is what our love story is.

Where the man leaves and the woman dies. In the ocean of her

tears is where she commits suicide. She seems to be motionless.

But she is fully awake. When the world Is sleeping. And the moon is signaling!

It is when She says goodbye!

©  Ghananjani


One sided crush? One sided love?

Whatever! It’s just like a fine wine!

It’s the most powerful thing!

One sided love is never gonna work.

It’s just like the failing of Newton’s third law!

Or maybe you spend your whole life pretending it will work out one day!

You are not mine, but I have been loyal in this relationship.

Feeling the pain of losing someone who is not even yours!

It’s just like not hoping for a reply for the message sent.

I don’t know whether it’s making me or breaking me.

But baby! My love has no boundaries.

My one sided love, too, *is a fine wine*. It will always age with time.

Baby! You will be always loved and cared for.

© Ruchika Rana, Author

And The World Will Be For Us

Though there is a distance between us today,

But I still have hope

That there will be a day,

When we will be together under the same canopy.

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It Was Never a Love Story: Chapter VI

We both were dead silent for a few minutes. As I was unable to frame sentences for the situation, she spoke.

“It’s okay Aadvik, I respect your feelings. No one has any control over their feelings. But please, understand. I see nothing more than a friend in you”,


“So you admitted your feelings?”, Ananya asked.

“Yes”, Aadvik said.

You did the right thing by owning it up. Truth is the base of all relationships. You couldn’t have been with her with these hidden feelings”, Ananya said.

“Probably the last thing I did right in our relationship. What followed next was an absolute disaster”, Aadvik said.

“What do you mean?”, Ananya got curious.

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