तू मैनु पूछ ना कोई सवाल
चल दूर किते मेरे नाल
के तेरा हो जाऊं

मैं किसी और का हूँ फिलहाल
के तेरा हो जाऊं

Somewhere I want her to know how it feels to miss your loved ones or maybe she knows it well. I want to go back to her, but I cannot. I had to move on knowing you won’t be returning. I wish we had time together.

Oh gosh!! It’s my marriage tomorrow and all I’m doing is thinking about you. I’ll be someone else’s tomorrow and forever.

Standing solitary on the terrace of my bungalow, with a beer bottle in my hand, admiring the sky, with meager hope in my eyes, chilled winds alleviating my face, I know it’s wrong to think of you at this moment. But with this song playing in my background and its entirely relatable lyrics has led me to our old lane of memories.

How I wish…
For once let’s just go to the place where we first met, singing, with no worries, with no questions, just craving for each other’s company.
For once let’s just sit close, watching the sun going down, with your hand wrapped around mine and those fluttering feelings.
You remind me how times can be good, you remind me how people can be loved.

सूखे से पत्ते हैं एक टहनी पे लगे
क़िस्मत तो देखो कि झड़ नहीं सकते
फ़िलहाल तो यूँ हैं कि कुछ कर नहीं सकते

I cannot undo anything. Neither you can. We have played our parts and left it upon fate. I know it’s the harsh reality. Somewhere in my heart I still hope for miracles. If not in this lifetime then maybe in the parallel universe.

© Ruchika Rana, Author


My eyes are shedding tears,

As I am in pain.

A very closest of mine,

Left me in vain.

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The whole world seems so different from the last bench. But it wasn’t like this always. Actually, let’s begin from the very beginning. 

One month back…

“Hey Ravi, did you finish the homework”, Aakash asked.

“No, I mean, I tried but couldn’t. It was difficult. I don’t know how anyone can do that”, I replied.


From Real to Reel

It was quite quick from real to reel,

Because it wasn’t a paper deal.

It was quite easy for you to replace,

Moving away and finding another pretty face.

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Falling Out of Love

It’s nearly been two years.
We were a thing before though we are now the same too. But these conversations, these lovely conversations now make me cringe.

Yes they do. The things I used to love previously now just make me lose my cool. Oh. I hate them. I so hate them.

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And yet again, a girl got harassed in front of many people,

And yet again nobody spoke in her favor.

People watched the whole scene,

And pretended it was never been.

She screamed and begged for her life,

But nobody saved her until she got fired.


A Lustful Woman

You don’t like the word ‘lust’,

So I’ll substitute it with ‘love’,

And then I will lust for you under the pretext of love.

I’ll love you in the abysmal night, both beautiful and belligerent,

And loathe you in the blinding light of the day.

I’ll love them all away, your fears and your inhibitions,

And bring them right back when the dawn breaks.

I’ll make promises with no intention of keeping them,

And break your heart over and over again.

Until you are a broken shell of a man that you once used to be,

And I the depraved woman that the society had labelled me to be.

Only then you might learn of the terrible eventuality of loving a lustful woman,

And you will gather your things and just leave.

But maybe by then, I would have embraced love again,

And will be blamed yet again for having chased another man away.

© Supriya Singh

Terrifying Walls

I guessed, isolation can help me attain the aim of my life.

I guessed, silence can give me tranquility of mind.

I guessed, “no movements” can provide me comfort and peace.


I guessed, “no connections” with the world and pals can offer me a state of trance.

I guessed, incessant activities on the internet and cellphones can divert my time.

I guessed, distance from family and friends can assist me on being emotionally detached.

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Oh my beloved! Why are you crying?

You’re not the one; I was the one who failed in trying.

In the try to make you prosperous,

In the try to suffice you with all I had.

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