I’d have thought I were blind,

If it weren’t for you,

My little ray of sunshine.


I clink and I clank,

Like a coin.

In a beggar’s bowl,

And you call it music.


You worry about women,

Who have understood me.

But do you know,

But they hid knives.

Behind their backs,

In their purses,

In their kisses and promises,

And they just took,

What they felt like taking:

A leg, a kidney, my sanity.


But you,

My little ray of sunshine.

With your eyes,

Where a thousand suns,

Burn themselves to death.

And your smile,

So rare and pure.


You’ve given,

Oh, you’ve given me so much.

Love and rainbows and honeydew kisses.

I’m a bird, I’m a flower,

I’m a drifting cloud.

And there are thunderstorms,

In my head,

And you in the center of it all.


And there’s music,

In your voice,

And your chipped tooth,

And your receding hairline.

And I keep listening to it,

Forgetting that it’s a privilege.

I’m not much of a fighter,

But I’ll set the world on fire.

And eat the ashes,

If you aren’t in it.


My little ray of sunshine,

I don’t know what future holds.

But as long as my words become poetry,

And as long as you want to read it,

I want you to know,

We’ll last.

© Amaan Zaidi