The city of dreams,
The city of lights,
The city of togetherness,
The city of boundless spirits.

A city where people spend more time in traffic than in tranquility,
Where people crave more for struggle than serenity,
It’s a city which just runs and never stops!

A city where high rise and slums go side by side. From bullock carts, double decker buses to luxurious cars and bikes. A city which is messed up yet very organized. The local trains and the Dabbawalas being the perfect examples.

Somewhere in a corner a Vadapav seller might earn worth more than an educated struggler. Millenials, struggling actors or daily wage workers, Mumbai welcomes all.

A city too polluted to spot the stars in the sky, but to make up for it we have got film stars!  Rich or broke, you may end up in some party, may it be in the Taj or Chowpatty!

Sitting all alone, happy tipsy facing the sea, nothing calms down the frayed nerves better than the soothing breeze there.

Travelling in the local train,
Cycling in the bylanes of Colaba,
Shopping from the Causeway market,
Eating chaat on the streets,
DDLJ in the Maratha Mandir,
Moonlit walk on Marine Drive,
The shine in the night life!
All these are not just mere things but emotions! Fear, enthusiasm, ambitions, beliefs.. And at the end it’s MUMBAIKAR – A VIBE!

© Ruchika Rana, Author