“The beginning is the most important part of the work.”~Plato

By admiring and believing this quote, here I am writing the first ever post of this blog. Here, at “whispers” me and my team are solely dedicated to serve you people with great pieces of wordy arts and to inspire you to pursue the same for other people .

We right now, are a small team of writers who expect that this team will see more and more members soon. We were planning on this idea for quite a long time. We have categorized the  works as per our plan and current writing trends. We’ll definitely add up more categories as per your invaluable feedback in the future.

We’ll try our level best to upload the exact content that you expect to read. Just stick to our blog regularly to read what you want. Share, like, subscribe and most importantly, support us. We really need IT from all of you.

I hope you’ll like us. If not now, then in forthcoming days 😛 & don’t forget to check out our “SUBMIT” & “ABOUT US” section :).

Happy reading readers!!! 😀

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