These Eyes

These eyes,

Through which you stare at me.

Glancing at me so innocently,

Making me dumbstruck; with that glance.

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ये बेचैनी, ये बेताबी तुम से मिलने की…

ये बेचैनी, ये बेताबी तुम से मिलने की, अब मुझे इतना बेताब, बेचैन नहीं करती।

क्यूंकि शायद, शायद मैं ज़्यादा ही जल्दी में हूं।

शायद मैं तुम से मिलने की ज़्यादा ही जल्दी में हूं; तुम्हें अपना बनाने की ज़्यादा ही बेताबी में हूं।

“शायद” मैं इसलिए कह रहा हूं क्यूंकि इस वक़्त मै खुद नहीं जानता कि मेरा जल्दी करना बेहतर है या इंतज़ार करना।

कहीं इंतज़ार के आलम में तुम छिन तो नहीं जाओगी मुझसे?

या कहीं जल्दी में कहीं खफा तो ना हो जाओगी? इसी असमंझस में रहता हूं।

बहुत कुछ है मन में, क्या बोलना सही होगा क्या ग़लत; नहीं जानता।

© दीप पटेल 

तुम अनंत हो

तुम हंसो तो लगता है कि हां! कुछ तो है इस ज़िन्दगी में देखने के लिए।

रो तो लगता है कि क्या ना कर दूं हन होंठों की हंसी को वापिस लाने के लिए।

कुछ इसे हमारा जुनून समझ सकते हैं, कुछ प्यार।

पर ये जो हम मेहसूस करते हैं ना तुम्हारे लिए?

जो जुनून और प्यार ये लोग समझते हैं ना?

उससे कहीं ऊपर है ये।

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Tempting Heights

You came to be my life’s surprise,

Emerging from the dark clouds;

Piercing like a sunrise.

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I Will Walk

After leaving that beautiful past behind me,

I walk.

After you left me without a choice in those moments,

I walk; still.

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I scorched in the sun for your glimpse.

Wandering in the endless stretch,

Seeking you, carving you.

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Thank You for Loving Me



© Whispers, all rights reserved.


The night is dark,

So am I.

From my body till my soul.


The feelings don’t matter,

Nor the happiness,

Not anymore.

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Wake-up Call

Ever left people who were of no or least importance to you? Without no reason? Maybe just because you felt that you were bored with them or they were not worthy of your time. Okay, you have erased their memory from your mind if there was any, but what about them? Have you ever tried to feel what they have felt when you left them? Or how they always felt about you? Maybe you were an iconic person to one or the only trustworthy friend to other. Or maybe one of them just loved you secretly, admired you.

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The sky also falls,

The mountains also crumble,

The sun also sets,

Just to rise again.


The same as you fall,

You fail,

Disappoint yourself,

Just to start over again.

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