I’m happy when you look at me,

A smile is what you see.

You’re the reason, you know,

But what would you get.


Best Friends

“Friends forever!” We promised,

Together; till the end.

We did everything together,

You were my best friend.

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Unspoken Love

You know, someone can be madly in love with you, yet not ready to confess.

They can love you the way you have never ever been loved before, yet not ready to face you in public.

They will cry harder than you when you’re in pain, but will never come to wipe your tears.

They will celebrate all you happiness way more than you do, but will never show it on their face.

There is much more than extraordinary in love.

More, that you have never seen out in this wide and wild universe but there is still a person who just lives to see you!

© Pooja Shukla, Author

Here’s to the Girl With an Invincible Soul

Here’s to the girl with an invincible soul,

No matter how disturbed her soul may be,

Her heart has been broken many a times,

Searching for the trust and love in her life.

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