Just figured ahead of me is , as I continuously walk,

I walk, run, fall, crawl to find a way,

A way out of this maze.


A road that seems to have no destination,

Finding somewhere through a nowhere.

As I struggle to find my way out,

I see something. A light. A haze. A hazy light.


Getting hazier the closer I try to get to it,

Deja vu,

A deja vu hit my mind.

I’ve been here before. This unending road.  I’ve seen it’,

I think. ‘Only, it ends’


But this seemed to have no end,

I walk. I run.

‘I should turn back. Get back to where I was’,

A dilemma.


It’s a dilemma,

This dilemma to reach the haze or to turn back.

I can feel my legs sinking,

Like I’m walking.


Walking through a quicksand,

The light is getting hazier. No, it’s my vision.

My vision is getting blur,



Like sand stabbing my eyes,

I can feel the tears rolling down my rough skin.


Rough sand scribbles against my skin as I drown into this poodle of chaos.


The light is fading as the sand devours me in,

I struggle more and more. The darkness grows.


I see no escape. I see no haze. I see no light.

I see no road. I see no end.


This unending road. Quicksand.

A light. A haze. A dilemma.

A mirage.


©  Maietraie Gupta