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To the Generation Who Left Love Behind

From mobile screens to hiding your emotions behind emoticons, from endless chats to fake smiles, from lustful thoughts to eve-teasing, from mocking one’s feelings to being made fun of, from getting bored to replacing the person, from fighting to hoping for another chance, from saying “I love you” to “It doesn’t seem to be working”. Read more To the Generation Who Left Love Behind



I wish I had a machine,

That could describe my heart.


Something to decrypt its beats,

To simplify it for me.

Because it sure as hell,

Makes no sense to me.

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It Was Never a Love Story: Chapter II

Later that day, Aadvik and Ananya were in a car going to a small reunion.

“Too excited to meet your friends”, Ananya said.

“Me too”, Aadvik replied.

“And especially the girl who changed your life”, Ananya spoke.
Aadvik looked towards Ananya, shocked.

“Those documents had a lot of things Aadvik”, Ananya said.

“You shouldn’t have read those”, Aadvik was not looking happy.

“Come on Aadvik, face it. Now tell me please, what happened? What made you raise questions on your own character ?”, Ananya asked.

“Long story Ananya”, Aadvik said.

“I’m interested”, Ananya said enthusiastically.

“Okay, so it all started with me when I joined the coaching classes for IIT, in class XI”, Aadvik began his story.

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Do You Wish to Quit?

Did I hear someone say, “I quit.”? But why? Don’t you know what it really means? Do you know it is the worst thing that you can do to yourself? Do you know you’ll cease to exist? Do you know you won’t be able to watch your favourite show or play your favourite sport? Have you ever thought that you won’t be able to go to your favourite restaurant or go out on a movie? The worse part is that you won’t be able to undone it once the blade cuts your veins or the poison runs down your throat. Damn! Don’t tell me you didn’t even give a heed to the fact that you won’t even breathe! Maybe you haven’t thought about it so deeply, maybe disappointment and worthlessness has gotten hold of your brain and heart.

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The Existence

In the despairing world,

There she stood.

Into the dark.

Drowning and screaming with the fear of falling apart.


Grief stricken; she was wandering,

Abandoned and forlorn.

Tragic world it seems,

That furnished her with sorrowful beam.

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It Was Never a Love Story: Chapter I

“So many certificates, papers and documents Mr. Aadvik, what are all these?” Ananya enquired in sweet bubbly tone.

“Rubbish Miss Singhania, I guess mom should make use of them this winter as fuel”, Aadvik looked uninterested.

“You preserved all this to burn? You gotta be kidding. And Aadvik, this is not the research room of California, this is your home in Allahabad and I came here as your friend, what is this Miss Singhania thing, call me Ananya”, she said.

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The Magician

I wish I could be a magician,

Conjuring her out of the dark.

She who would sit beside me,

And listen to me while I talk.

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High in The Sky

What if you didn’t fly?

Maybe the time wasn’t yours.

Maybe you weren’t ready for it.

But, you are not born to quit.

So make yourself ready for the height of the sky,

Open your wings and soar high in the sky.

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