“The beginning is the most important part of the work.”~Plato

By admiring and believing this quote, here I am writing the first ever post of this blog. Here, at “whispers” me and my team are solely dedicated to serve you people with great pieces of wordy arts and to inspire you to pursue the same for other people .

We right now, are a small team of writers who expect that this team will see more and more members soon. We were planning on this idea for quite a long time. We have categorized the  works as per our plan and current writing trends. We’ll definitely add up more categories as per your invaluable feedback in the future.

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The Person I Have Become

You still think you know me.

You continue to act naive

Thinking you can read me,

The way you could before.

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#Two Minutes Tale 37


Words, mere words, surround you.

Abstract and shallow, they are around you.

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Seven Years Old Me

Dear seven years old me,

I wish someone had told you back then that life won’t be as simple as it was told.

Things won’t be like a fairy tale,

You wouldn’t always be surrounded by good people.

Not every story would have a happy ending,

And not every person you meet would be a well-wisher.

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The Broken Me

Insecurities hit me back and forth when someone who means something ignores me. I just sit here and create the worst to worst scenarios in my heart. I still repeat the things in mind which you said! I feel deprived of love, attention, care. I need someone to hug me and assure me that everything will be alright.

I need an open rooftop at 2 A.M. to cry my heart out with my favourite song playing which provokes me to cry even harder. I don’t need false excuses, promises. I already had enough. I just keep quiet when I am sad, depressed.Ā I have given so much importance to the ‘love portion’ in my life that I constantly think about it. Why can’t I be like other girls who never develop true feelings for someone no matter what; and I am here like “No matter how you treat me, I am gonna love you anyways”.

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Given a Chance

I can be a friend,

To fight your tough days with you.

The one to pull you up in the mountains,

The view of which makes you smile.

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#Two Minutes Tale 35

Gimmick Love

You hold my hand at a public place,
But leave the same when we enter our home.

You stare at my eyes when we’re out on a date,
But ask me to lower them when we argue.

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Maybe We’ll See Each Other

MaybeĀ we’llĀ seeĀ eachĀ other,

SittingĀ opposite each other,

InĀ theĀ sameĀ roadsideĀ restaurant.

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